Da Real Entertainment

"We Represent DA REAL"

Welcome to Da Real EntertainmentWe areian independent management/promotion company and record label. This company was officially started November of 2003 by two very good friends who were determined to become young black entreprenuers and bring the world "Da Real Entertainment."


Mission Statement

This company was started to promote potential artist who needed direction in their career goal in the music/entertainment industry.  We believe a lot of talent out there is being overlooked or not taken advantage of the resources around them. 

Our goal is to find these people with extraordinary talent but no clue how to market and distribute their art and give them the direction and resources needed to make them successful or recognized in the entertainment business.

Company Bio

Who would of ever thought 3 total strangers from different parts of New Jersey could come together and form one of the hottest groups up and coming in the music industry today?  Ask Andre Bauldock, the CEO of Da Real Entertainment and he will tell you it was destined to come.  “I took 3 different styles and flows of hip-hop and put them together to make the ultimate team.  With the versatility of this group’s flow, how can a real hip-hop listener not represent Da Real?”

 With a strong obsession to become a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment business, Andre Bauldock established Da Real Entertainment in November of 2002.  With prior experience from an internship with another independent label and his strong passion and determination to achieve his goal, he set out to put together a record label.  Starting with only paper flyers and a website, he managed to sign several artists, which progressively dwindled to the 3 artists that remain.  

In less than 2 years, he was able to gain his label street recognition in their tri-state area by releasing compilation albums and mix tapes, constant promotion, and performing in several showcases.  So far his greatest accomplishment is booking his artists an opening spot at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA for the And 1 Mix Tape Tour 2005.  With motivation to book bigger performances for his artists, he set out to New York and managed to obtain a performance at the City Nite Club hosted by DJ KaySlay.   

Ask Andre what Da Real Entertainment brings to the music industry and what separates his label from hundreds of other independent labels--- and he replies, “true hip-hop and my constant ambition to keep it real.  Now and days, everyone is rapping with the same lyrical content about selling drugs and killing each other.  When I look at most of these guys, their image makes it hard for me to take them serious.  I named my label Da Real Entertainment because I don’t believe in selling out or gimmicks to go platinum.  My artists only talk about what we live and what we been through.  ‘We Represent Da Real!!!”

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