Da Real Entertainment

Mission Objectives

Da Real Entertainment

               Company Goals & Objectives




1.     To promote, distribute and manage potential artists.

  •         Da Real Ent. will manage artist time to get them into the studio.  We will assist the artist/s in creating a LP or Demo. 
  •         Da Real Ent. will manage the artist's finances to make sure they have funds for studio time and to put out a quality CD.
  •         Da Real Ent. will try to get the artist/s as much publicity as possible by massive promotion and booking them on shows, and mix tapes.


2.     To treat our artist and staff as #1 and put our clients first.

  •         Da Real Ent. will try their hardest to put the artist into the entertainment industry and make them successful.


3.     To make everyone a profit and enjoy their career in the entertainment industry.

  •         Da Real Ent. will try their hardest to keep the business entertaining and exciting while making a manageable turnover.


4.     To follow the motto of "Keeping it Real".

  •         "We represent DA REAL!!!"
  •         Da Real Ent. does not believe or commend in selling out or gimmicks.


5.     To provide the world with Da Real Entertainment.







"We represent DA REAL"