Artist Info

Name:  Keith Phillips

Stage Name:  Original Stylez

D.O.B:  08/23/1975

Height: 6'

Email:  o.stylezundaground@yahoo.com

Hometown:  Newark, NJ

Branch Company:  Undaground Ent.

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About the Artist

Born in the rough streets of Newark, NJ, it didn’t take long for Keith Phillips to learn how to use his lifestyle and environment as an advantage and hustle.  “Ever since Kris Kross first came out, I have been dedicated to making it in the rap game.”  With a hustler’s ambition, he went after his goal by making several albums to gain street credibility.  Traveling throughout Jersey to promote himself, the streets labeled him “the Underground Rap King” of New Jersey.  Initially in a group called “S.U.K” standing for Stick Up Kidz, the group members all migrated to different parts of the US.  Stylez moved to Willingboro, NJ, where he hooked up with his current label Da Real Entertainment.  With his versatile and countless styles of flow, he was featured on Da Real Entertainment’s “We Represent Da Real” compilation album.  Since then, he has performed at several showcases, including opening for the And 1 Mix Tape Tour 2005 at the Wachovia Center.  Presently, you can hear several tracks from Original Stylez on WPRB 103.3 as he is working on his solo album. 


"It seems like, if you not already a balla, the industry don’t wanna hear ya raps.  They don’t have time to listen, feel you out and call back.  I got so much talent and skills for all ya’ll.  I’m not an icer; I’m a thug with versatility and different capabilities the world would love.  I put out a Cd every year and I performed in many cities and events throughout the year.  I do this because I am hungry and I know what I can do.  If someone takes the time to listen, maybe meet and understand me, they will see why the streets call me the “Undaground Rap King.”  It’s all about knowing, respecting, and loving the game.  GOD told me to pour my thoughts on paper and he would convince someone so it could be done." (O. Stylez)

"We Represent DA REAL"